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Yahoo Top 10 Online Games

Online gaming sure is becoming more and more popular; the trend started with Facebook and now most of the prestigious organizations are following the same strategy. Yahoo online games have also been in the news, though we have a top ten yahoo online game lined up, you can see the rank of one of your favorite games.


This is a simple shooting game where the player holds a gun and it has to make a high score by hitting the bull’s eye by targeting the enemies. These kinds of games always hit big!

Bowman 2

This is a game based on old times, where a player has a bow with a fired arrow and the game is all about angle adjustment, the more accurate your angle is the more score you will make.

Escape The Bomb

This a game in which a player is trapped within the room along with a bomb, now the player can use different stuff in the room, and make certain actions to carry out its escape. The difficulty level of the game makes it even more interesting.

Escape The Car

The game is same as the escape the bomb, it has the same set up and the same playing strategy, you have to point and click to make sure your car escapes from the bars.

Elite Base Jump

This game is more like the old pinball game in which you used a space bar to shoot away the ball and block it; this game is quite similar to that. You press the space bar to make sure the parachute of the ball opens, you just have to avoid from falling to the ground.

Falling Sand

This game doesn’t have anything fancy; it’s just that you have to collect the falling sand from the ceiling and other stuff as well such as wax, fire etc.

WOne 2

This is a game based on the physics simulation, you have a wheel and you move the arrow keys to move it around, the task is to make the wheel jump so that it can collect the golden coins.

Interactive Buddy

It’s an interactive game where you have to use certain weapons and strategy to beat your opponent. This game has many features such as investing money and changing looks.

Territory War

This is a super Mario kind of a game where you use guns and grenade to beat the opponents and claim victory over your territory. This game reminds of ‘SEGA’ time.

Kitten Cannon

As the name implies, this game is about firing cute little chicken from a cannon over to a 1000 feet. Throw higher and make a better score!