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Xbox 360 PC Setup For WIN7 Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center on Xbox 360 is an upgrade that can be made to your Xbox 360 system. It allows the user to stream video, pictures and music through their Xbox 360 in addition to using it as a gaming system. Allowing the user to make it a more general media center, means that they can have the convenience of a media player all in one, no longer needing many different equipment. Xbox 360 is now useable as your overall media center. There is no need to have several applications; they can all be accessed through your game console, making media entertainment available from one source in your home.


What you will need for WIN7 Windows Media Center

  • Xbox 360
  • A wired or wireless connection to the internet
  • Windows 7

How To Set Up The Media Center On Xbox 360?

  • Connect your Xbox console to your home network either through using a cable, or through a wireless connection
    If you already have an Xbox 360 connection created, you will need to undue the current connection either through your computer or through your Xbox console
  • From your computer
    1. Start Windows Media Center
    2. Click on Tasks, then Settings
    3. Choose Extender
    4. Click Xbox 360 Media Center Extender
    5. Choose Uninstall, then Next

  • From Xbox 360 console
    1. Click My Settings, and then choose System
    2. Click Computers
    3. Choose Windows Media Center
    4. Choose Disconnect.
    5. On the Xbox controller press B to return to the dashboard
  • To find the setup key to your console, then move to Apps, choose Windows Media Center
    1. Choose Continue
    2. Jot down the 8-digit key for setup
  • To add the Console with Windows Media Center
    1. Begin by starting the Windows Center on the computer
    2. Choose Tasks, then select Add Extender
    3. Enter in the 8 digit key for setup that you jotted down previously
    4. Choose next that will begin the set up
  • To start Windows Media Center to your console
    1. Select Apps, then My Apps
    2. Choose Window Media Center
    3. Begin setting it up to your liking

Pros and Cons:

The advantages of using the Xbox 360 Windows Media Center

  • By using the media center you are able to stream video, music and entertainment all from your Xbox 360 having it all in one convenient place
  • Combining your media means you don’t have to go from one device to another one
  • You are able to stream media to your television or computer

The disadvantages of using the Xbox 360 Windows Media Center

  • It may not be compatible with the existing system that you use meaning that you have to convert files or use two different sources for your media.

If you are looking for a great way to consolidate your media, using your Xbox 360 for more than just the fun of gaming is additional conveniences that can save you from using many different devices, and to make your Xbox 360 a one stop all media center.