Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Participate Foodland Canada Survey To Get Discount Code

As part of the Sobeys group, Foodlands Canada is part of a major food providing organisation with many branches spread over parts of Canada.  They offer basic goods and cater for the shopper that is happy with the cheaper items that are still good quality. The supermarkets are franchised and they sell the same range of products that are available from other providers but often at a price that more customers can afford.

Ontario has 150 branches and they have been serving the customers since 1985. In an attempt to keep their share of the market and if possible expand, there is a survey that will allow customers to pass on the views they have about the store, the products and the service they received.

Entering the survey will not take a great deal of time and as long as you have your receipt you do not need anything else other than the ability to log on to the internet.

How To Participate In?

  • To begin with go to the website and this is at .
  • Select your region from the drop down list
  • Put in the code that identifies the store you shopped at. This will make sure that any complaints or compliments are aimed at the right people and suggested changes will be sent to the correct manages.
  • Next you have to give the receipt number and again this will let the company know that you are one of their customers.
  • Now you have to answer the questions relating to the visit you made. Be open and honest as there is no point entering if you don’t say what you really feel.
  • After you have answered the questions there is a space where you can write your own comments and add anything that you feel has been omitted.
  • Press “submit” to complete your involvement in the survey.

Once you have completed the survey, you will receive a discount code or a coupon. This will mean that there will be even greater savings the next time you visit the store.