Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Install The Setup Of Xbox Window Media Online

A service is offered by Microsoft Xbox 360 for its customers, allowing them to install the Microsoft windows media center on Xbox. Windows media center is a nice and good player of multimedia and the best video recorder that can be installed on your Xbox. After the completion of its set up, it allows the user to record their favorite television shows, to listen to their songs, watch videos and other media files on their Xbox.By installing the Windows media center you can get many other features that improves the quality and functioning of your Xbox. It is not limited just to play games or watch DVDs but also allows recording of television shows. The set up is convenient once you have completed it on your Xbox you can use it anywhere and anytime you want. Now it is available online for more convenience of its customers.


  •  From your Xbox 360 get access to
  • Links are given for different windows click on the one you are using i.e. windows 7 or windows XP etc.
  • Make a connection between your Xbox 360.
  • Remove all the connections already present by following the given instructions.
  • Access the 8 digit code.
  • Getting the directions add your device to windows media center.
  • Start the application of windows media center after you have selected it from My Apps.
  • If there any kind of difficulty in using the application on your Xbox then you must contact the helping center.


To install the windows media player allows you to access many opportunities i.e. to recode any show or song, to play games and much more. It is all free to download the application online and also it is a time saving process. Today is the world of technology and hence it is proved one of the best applications technically having many features and allowing you access different facilities at a time.

About Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 is a device with features and application to play video games it was developed by Microsoft Corporation and having more than 66 million users throughout the world. Not only this, Xbox allows online competition with other players and also it has the feature to download anything on your device. It also provides you opportunity to install windows media center so you can enjoy the shows you want.