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Login To WordPress To Change Your Username

If you are taking blogging services at this site and are registered user here.You can update your profile anytime by logging into your account and can update your information.


  • Need to have your own blog.
  • Your profile must be completed


  • Visit this site and access the best online journal services.
  • On the site first of all login to your account by entering  your registered email address or username.
  • Provide your password and press the button “Sign In”
  • If you are not registered here then click on the button “Get Started” to create new account.
  • Enter your email address, username , password and your blog address (URL).
  • To Create free account then click on the button “  free” or choose the package.
  • If your are going to create free blog then press the button “Create Blog”
  • After fulfilling the demands of free blog creation you have to complete them.
  • Now if you want to change your profile information then go your profile “Dashboard” and go to the option “My Public Profile”
  • Go to the inside box and press the option “Display name Publicly as” to change the username highlight your current Display name and press the  option “Delete”
  • Now enter your desire Display name and then click on the option “Update Profile”.
  • By this process you would be able to get the new updated name.


  • Here you can get multiple and free and paid template to create your own blog.
  • You post pictures , videos and all kind of information that you want to give to the other users to promote your business.

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WordPress is open source blogging service tools to start your online business through web hosting.You can add plugin and other templates whenever you need it.