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Access WordPress to Change your User Name

WordPress is one free as well as open source tool for blogging and it is a system of content management (CMS) which is based on MySQL and PHP that runs over the service of web hosting. The features it provides include template system and one plugged-in architecture. The tool is in use by above twenty-two percent of the best ten million websites till August 2013. It is considered to be the best blogging system used on Web, by sixty million websites. It was released firstly on 27 May, 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, its founders.

  • In order to change the username and password, you must have registration and administrative login in WordPress.

Instructional Guides:

  • First of all, paste link in the navigation bar of browser and sign in with your admin username and password.
  • On this main page, click on the link “User” and afterward, click on the link “your profile”
  • From here, you will see scroll down option, where you can select change password option. Enter your desired password with confirmation and update your profile.
  • For changing of username, go to the link phpMyAdmin that is available under the database section when you will login in control panel of web hosting.
  • Once you have opened control panel, search out database from the scroll down list and click on your main database.
  • In this database, scroll down the list and find out wp_user.  In order to browse to table content, click on the small browse icon of the table name.
  • In this table, select your account in which you want to alter the username. Click on small pencil icon and change the username by editing already mentioned one.
  • In the last, enter your new one username and save it by two dropdown boxes. Finally close the admin access.

Taking the help of one template processor, it has a template system. The users could install and switch through the different themes it provides and the plugin architecture, multi-blogging features are also very popular. Integrated management and automatic filters, Pingback and Trackback standards to display the links to the other sites also tend to be a favorite among the customers, who would always recommend WordPress for the best solution to their problems.