Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Join Wikipedia To Create A page

Wikipedia is a multilingual, collaboratively edited, free-of-cost encyclopedia which is supported through Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Volunteers from around the world write about thirty million articles collaboratively in around 287 languages, with above 4.5 million articles in English Wikipedia. Anyone who could access this site can also edit most of the articles that over the internet are considered as the largest reference work. In the beginning of this year, New York Times declared that the site is ranked 5th worldwide among all the other websites on the Internet, having 500 million different visitors in a month and page views of above 18 billion. All is possible due to the valuable source of referencing it provides to people throughout the world.

  • In order to create new page, you must have valid email address.

Instructional Guides:

  • First of all, type on the address bar of browser and go to the main page of the site.
  • On the right top, see a link “create account” hit on this link. a form will open acquiring username, password with confirmation and email address (in optional) and security check in the text box, then finally click on “Create your account”.
  • Then for starting of new page, you would have to write the for making and embedding your new article in the new page.
  • Here write down the main Heading of the topic on which you want to write article in the box “Type Title”.
  • Next, you will see a button right below the box “create_page”, click on it, this will enable you to write article.
  • Now you can write an article on subjected topic. In this box you will see blank spaces that are indicating that nothing has been done on your subjected topic.
  • In the end, leave “edit summary” so that it could be known by readers that it should be included or not.
  • You can preview your written article and read your article for proof reading.

The website provides people from all fields – be it medicine, engineering, architecture or science in general – every type of information they might be seeking and since it has a ready reference for almost everything searched by anyone, it is considered to be a great site. The fact that people from different origins and languages could all access and utilize it makes it one of the most popular websites.