Friday , 23 February 2018
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Pay Bill By Using Wal-Mart Money Card Online Activation Access

Now the customers of Wal-Mart store have a relief as they can now get rid of the standing in long queue to pay the bills of their purchased products. This company has facilitated its customers that they can now submit their bills online by using services of Money Card Online with much more ease and comfort. Now all the users at the company are taking this advantageous service and they can now pay their entire bill online form any where and at any time. For the all that bill payment process is conducted only when you have activated the money card of the company from the web site of the company. Activation of the card and bill payment system is much easy and can be done with in no more than few minutes.


  • For getting the whole process started, you may first need to have a money card of the company so that from this card.
  • As all the process is made online so you must also have a good and fast internet connection with you so that you can pay bill online quickly and with out facing much traffic problem.
  • For payment process of your bills, go to the web site of the company. Open up your browser and type there the following link. .
  • At the page, which will appear after you will enter the above link, you will to enter your customized card number as per requirement of the company and which is also needed for activation process.
  • This is a unique and 16 digit number, enter valid number. After that enter expiry date of your card and 3 digit security code in the given fields.
  • Enter last 4 digit of your SSN.
  • Enter card PIN and enter the code which is given in the box.
  • After filling all the data fields properly presented on the page, click on the “Next” button below to move on the next page.
  • At the next page, you will be required to enter your personal information and your contact information. All this information in the page is necessary for the activation of your card. Follow the further instruction as per asked by the company to activate the card.
  • After following all the process completely and accurately, you will be able to have your card activated for payment process.

About Company:

It has its name in providing good quality products with best and guaranteed shipping facilities. You can access from here your all required items and also with the ease of great shopping facility and more unique and latest bill payment system.