Friday , 23 February 2018
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Access Walgreen Rebate Program To Submit Rebates Online

Walgreens is the biggest chain of drug stores in America and the last time any checks were made, they ran 8,300 branches across with entire country. With a presence in all states, they have been trading since 1901 when they were set up in Chicago and it is still Chicago where they have their base.

As well as providing a service and clearly a service that customers consider to be a good one, they offer a rebate service and as a result, customers are being given a little bit back.

Submitting a rebate is easy and all you need is computer access and a recent receipt. Can you imagine that there will be anything better than getting good products at a good price other than finding out that once you have made your purchase there is then a further rebate.

Joining The Program:

  • Go to the website and this is at .
  • Find the link to the rebate center and go there.
  • When claiming you need to enter the RFN number and this is 20 digits long.
  • You then need to select the offer code that applies to your claim
  • Now select the offer numbers – if there are a few they can all be dealt with.
  • You and you can keep adding until you are finished and have no more offers.
  • By clicking the red button you will be able to claim your rebates.

As long as you have your receipt you will not miss out on rebates. Once you have made your claim there are ways to allow you to check their status and again there is a form to fill in on the  page. You can do this in one of two ways and that is either by entering your tracking number, or by giving your first name, last name, Zip code and e mail address. The system you follow to receive the rebate is quick and simple and tracking it will take a minute at the most.