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Manage My Vodafone Pay Monthly Records Online

Cell phone was a luxury in the past but now it is a companion of us who keep with us all the time. People desire is to have something new, something different. Get My Photo is the latest multimedia service. People can use it for messaging. The people of UK enjoy it which provides them this mobile company for its own subscribers. Company offers the people if they have the mobiles but cannot get the multimedia services, like photo or video messages they can enjoy the photos and video messages online with the help of Get My Photo service. One can not only receives the photo and video messages but also can send them and reply or forward the messages. You can also have the facility to change the size of your photo either large or small in size. It is also noted that all sent items are put in store for almost 30 days before deleting.

Way To Manage:

You are thinking how you can get the multimedia services of this mobile company? It is very simple.

  • You have to go to the  website and then click on “login in to my Vodafone”.
  • Enter your password and username.
  • Click ‘’login’’. In-case when your un registered here click on “Register With Vodafone”.
  • Provide them My Vodafon number and security code next to the page.
  • Give your personal and contact detail on the next step here.
  • Now you have the view of the messages sent in your account
  • After logging into your account you can manage your bill easily.
  • If you need any information, you can go to the FAQ page.


  • This service is an easy and convenient.
  • Completely free services for its subscriber.
  • Online photo and video messaging
  • The company needs no profit to you.
  • You can reply and forward the messages to others.
  • And remember it is all free.

About The Company:

This is a well known and reputed company, founded in 1991. Its headquarter is in London. It is one of the leading multimedia international telecommunication companies. It is also the largest mobile company of the world with large revenues.