Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Register Your Vax Machine Guarantee

Home is the best place where a person can enjoy and get mental relaxation after the tiring work of the whole day long. If the home remain dirty and blemishes of garbage seen on the floor and walls it will make the person both mentally and physically uncomfortable.

Many companies offer vacuum cleaner, chemicals and other products but up till now no one offer the products up to the caliber of company. They have made their name in the floor cleaning by introducing a number of the products to make your home clean.  Open an account at this website within 28 days after the purchase of the product. You can enjoy best guarantee period for your products. They are also offer advices, methods of usage and even the full replacement of the product if you register yourself by following the list of instructions as below.

How To Register?

  • Open www.vax.co.uk/registration in your internet browser.
  • Enter your product type in the blank field of the text box.
  • Next enter your model range in the next text box.
  • Finally enter your product number in the last text box and click at the “select” tab.
  • Note write the product type, range and number same as present on the receipt.
  • On the new window write your personal details like user name, email and residential address, phone number etc. and click continue.
  • On the next window of the internet browser enter details about your purchase like your experience at the store, number of item you purchase and write your recommendations you want to see at the store according instruction provided at the page.
  • Finally click at the “submit” button.


You can get more details about the product. After the registration you become eligible to call at any time to the 24/7 available staff for the solutions about your product. You can also get benefit of the total replacement of the product if find serious problems.

About Company:

It is an England based company who replaced the vacuum cleaner with their innovative products. They are famous in their floor care products from 1979. They offer carpet cleaners, cylinder and upright vacuum cleaners and much more to clean and make your floor shinny and germ free.