Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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Access U-Haul To Look Up Your Order Status

It is not strange for people to move around from one location to another either because they have changed jobs or they have just decided to change locations. When this happens, then they need to get a courier service that will move them with ease.  But even when you are not moving, you may have at one point sent some parcel or luggage from one location to another. In both cases you will need a courier service that is professional and will handle your goods with care. You need a service provider that will make sure your goods reach their destination safe. But that is not all; the courier service should have a way of tracking your goods. That’s where U-Haul comes in. with this courier service, you are able to track to look up your order online and know the status of your goods. This is a service of its own because it brings confidence in customers who use the service to move and relocate. But that’s not all, you can also ask for storage services from the company. They will provide you with storage facilities either at your home or move them to a new location. And you can still check you order by signing in on their website.

How To Look?

  • Visit the site www.uhaul.com .
  • Signing up to check the status of your order is simple. Just log in into the website and click on sign in. enter your order number and your last name; and there you were you see all the details of your order.


  • You are able to track your order online at the comfort of your home
  • You don’t have to worry about the safety of your goods as the company has a tracking device
  • The company offers damage coverage programs that you can purchase which will protect your goods when in transit
  • All goods are packaged in safe boxes that protect them against adverse weather conditions


  • Since the goods are transported in trucks, they may get damages if an accident occurs. If you haven’t purchase damage coverage program, then might end up with losses

About The Company:

U-Haul is a premium courier service that helps people all over the US to move their goods around or relocate. They also offer storage facilities which can be rented. The company started in 1945 and it has been serving customers since then. It maintains the largest fleet of rental in the do it yourself industry including trucks, trailers and towing services.