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Apply For Txdps Concealed Handgun License Online

The DPS abbreviated as to Texas-Department of public-Safety is a division of the government of the Texas state. Real is chargeable for statewide evenness clout again receptacle control. The governmental Safety business oversees the DPS. However, unbefitting state law, the precursor of It may accept native resourcefulness of the part during a public disaster, riot, insurrection, or architecture of a hot resistance to sock of law, or to attain the Governor’s outing trial to enforce review. The commission’s five members are appointed by the officer again confirmed by the its Senate, to recommend irretrievable coin being staggered, 6 year conditions. The mission frames policies as well as plans whereas enforcing criminal, traffic further safety laws, through preventing besides detecting crime, for logic creed violators and due to educating mortals about laws and national safety.


  • SSN, Driver license/ Identity number, personal information or contact information is required to fill in.
  • Visa credit card number is required to pay online.

Instructional Guides:

  • Check in to the online site by clicking on the given link here .
  • On the site find out the left hand column where a heading of “Top DPS Links” is.
  • Click on “Concealed Handgun” link here, read the program detail here under the “Top Program Link” hit on “Online Services” link to approach the gateway to apply for this services.
  • Read the requirements and term and conditions to apply here.Click on “Apply” button here , choose “Identification type”, enter “Texas DL Number”, “SSN”, “Date of birth” and “Texas DL/ID Audit Number”.
  • After entering the details click on “Continue” button to move further for applying license.

Alternative Method:

  • If you don’t have “Texas DL Number” then click on the link on apply page.
  • Enter alternative form details here; provide them your personal details, SSN, Identification number, DL Number.
  • Give contact information in the below sections of the form.

Tips And Warnings:

  • For more inquiries call at this number 1-877-452-9060.
  • ADA Coordinator will keep your file record at their end.


It consists of number of divisions that are continuously inter exchanging their services for the betterment of company and also doing good for clients in term of safety guidelines and license.