Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Take Tim Hortons Survey To Rate Services

You can give your precious opinion to the company and letting them know about their performance regarding their service provision. You can help the company by giving your visiting experience at there and acknowledge the company how they can improve their provisions to all their guests and customers.


  • For listing you opinions, you must first open up your browser window and enter the following link Make sure that you are writing the exact link.
  • After pressing enter, you will be redirected to the page of survey.
  • Enter 14- digit code first then move the next step.
  • At the resulted page, you will find out a number of questions asked by the company so as to keep a record and complete understanding that what else the customer need to have or what kind of issues they are facing during in hand services.
  • This is a sort of questionnaire and against every question you will find answers in the form of options. All the questions asked by the company are given with the answers and you will have to choose only from them. Answers can be in the form of check boxes or in the form of selection buttons.
  • You are bound to answer all the questions for the complete survey. You are not supposed to leave any question field empty other wise your survey will not be listed and will not be well responded by the company.
  • After clicking the button, actual survey will be started. You may find a number of question related to you satisfactions about the services provided by the company and improvement related to all the services.
  • You many also be asked to rate the company’s performance. Answer all the fields according to your experience.
  • After choosing appropriate answers from the given options, you can press “Continue” button if you have completed your survey.
  •  From this way, your survey can be submitted. All your comments and suggestions related to the survey answers are considered well and according action will be taken for best service provisions.

About Company:

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