Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Enroll To Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles For E-reminder

Owing to the fact that many people today prefer doing things online, the government of the state of Texas has launched the official website of the state that provides government services online. The site was created in 2000 and today it is taking care of over 1,000 government businesses online.  Some of the top services of the site include driver license renewal, vehicle registration renewal, driver records, vital records, concealed handgun license, birth certificate request, drilling permits, registered nurse license renewal, online sales tax payment and many more.

The site also send e-mail reminder to Texans that subscribe for the e-reminder. If you sign up for this service, you will be sent a vehicle registration renewal notice when it is time for you to renew your vehicle registration.

How To Sign Up?

Signing up for the e-reminder is very easy. You only need to fill the online form provided in the site. You will be required to provide your license plate number, last four digits of your vehicle identification number and email ID. You will find your VIN and license plate number on your insurance card.

Steps To Register:

  • Go to website .
  • Locate “Notification And Alerts” button under the connect additional links at the bottom of the page click on it.
  • A new page will turn up. See the option “Texas Department of Motor Vehicles e-Reminder”
  • Look for send an eReminder in the list of services provided there. It is the second in the list. Click on that and the signing up page will turn up.
  • Enter license plate number, 4-digit VIN and email address. Click on “Submit” button.
  • Give the correct information required in the empty boxes and then click on the submit button. You are done with the signing up.

How Does The It Works?

If you sign up for the e-reminder, a renewal notice will be sent to your email inbox three weeks before your vehicle registration expires. This is the first reminder. A second reminder which is the final reminder will sent to you a week before the expiration of your vehicle registration only if you do not renew it after the first reminder has been sent. However, the traditional paper renewal notice will still be sent your mail box.


Make sure that you give your correct email address as well as license plate number and VIN. If there is error in your email address, the renewal notice will be sent to a wrong email address.