Friday , 23 February 2018
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Win Cash In Tell Rexall Online Survey

If you’ve recently shopped at Rexall, you’ve probably noticed a little note on the bottom of your receipt asking you to complete a survey.  Rexall feels it is important to stay in touch with their customers by asking them about their experiences in their stores.  They also want to make the customers feel appreciated by offering incentives for taking time out of their busy days to take the survey. By completing this survey, you are entered into a drawing to be one of ten people win $1000, not to mention you will receive a coupon to get $2 off your next shopping trip. There are daily drawings for these cash prizes. Before you get started, you will need a computer with internet access and your receipt from your most recent visit to Rexall.  Here’s how it works.

  • Go to
  • Enter the amount you spent, the date of your visit, the time of your visit, and the survey code from your receipt.  If you’re unsure where to find those numbers, there’s a picture of a receipt example on the survey’s homepage that shows you where to find them.
  • Enter the numbers into the correct fields on the website.
  • Click Enter
  • You will also need to enter your personal information so they company knows how to contact you if you’ve won.
  • Follow the other prompts to answer the questions regarding your experience in the store.  Be sure to complete the survey entirely and submit it, because incomplete surveys are not submitted to Rexall.

It’s a good idea to take this survey each time you shop at Rexall. Continued feedback will only prove to enhance your shopping experiences each time you visit the store.  It is important to voice your positive and negative experiences so the company knows what to keep doing, and what to reevaluate to possibly change.  With so many chances to win, the odds are most certainly in your favor.  Everyone could use a little extra cash in their pockets at the cost of just a few minutes of their time.