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Payless Survey – Win $5 Coupon

Payless Shoes is a retail store which corners the market on inexpensive shoes at cost to the consumers. They offer to their client’s shoes of every make and type for a discounted price. Since customer satisfaction is important to them, they have available a customer service satisfaction survey that allows the consumer to provide feedback about recent purchases such as price, quality and overall customer satisfaction with the store itself. It is a useful tool for both the customer and the store, to trailer the offerings of the business to the needs of the consumer. Best of all, when you fill out the survey, you receive a $5 off coupon for your next purchase.


You must be 18 years or older to participate

Have a code from your recent purchase at the store which is located on your receipt

You will need to have access to the internet

How To Fill Out The Survey?

  • To fill out the survey you must go to
  • Make sure you have a receipt from your most recent visit to the store
  • Locate the 13 digit code on the receipt.
  • Enter the 13 digit code from your receipt and follow the instructions that are given
  • You will go through a series of questions about the quality of your service, and the store specifics
  • At the end you will be given the option to fill out your personal information
  • If you would like to receive the coupon offer or to be contacted by a representative enter the information requested such as email address or phone number

Pros And Cons:

The advantages of filling out a Payless customer service satisfaction survey

  • You will receive a $5 off coupon for your participation
  • It will give the store useful information about how to increase their service to you and the offerings that they make to their customers
  • It will allow you to give feedback about how your experience is
  • It will tailor the offerings of the store to your liking
  • It only takes a short while to complete

The disadvantages of filling out a Payless customer service satisfaction survey

You have to supply your personal email information to receive the $5 off coupon

  • It takes some time to complete
  • The usefulness of it for you may not be great
  • It is an inconvenience

Customer service satisfaction surveys are a great way to provide useful feedback to organizations to tailor their business practices to make them more satisfactory to their customers. Giving information about product pricing, customer service and other offerings gives the consumer a better overall quality of experience. Although they take time, special offerings like $5 per survey completed are a nice incentive.