Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Tell Outback Customer Indulgence Survey

The Outback is a successful chain of restaurants having a casual theme. Their top most priority is customer satisfaction and to achieve the goal they are taking surveys so that with the help of survey evaluation they will come to know what do their customers want and what is making them uncomfortable and they can eliminate those factors or introduce new innovations


  1. You must be having an Outback’s receipt so that you can enter the required information to get access to the survey. This information is printed on the receipt.
  2. You must be having a pencil and paper or something with which or on which you can write the code down.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. You must visit the link
  2. Once you have been directed to the website click on the option so that you can take the survey.
  3. You can select the language in which you want to give the survey. You have two options which are English and Spanish.
  4. Once you have selected your language then you will have to provide the 18 digit code which will be printed on your receipt.
  5. Click on the option marked as “continue” and you will be given access to the survey questions.
  6. Complete the survey by answering the questions and answer them honestly depending on the experience that you had while you were at the Outback.
  7. Once you have answered all the questions then a validation code will appear on the screen.
  8. Note the code down and you can redeem it on your next visit to any Outback

What To Do In Case You Have Any Query?

In case you have any query you should refer to the FAQs or from the forum. You can also read the terms of uses if you need to know more about the survey. You can also take help from the Outback star.