Friday , 19 January 2018
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Carry Out Tell Hooters Customer Satisfaction Survey To Win $1000

Hooters are one of a range of fast food joints across the United States, but unlike many of their competitors they are aimed more at adults than children. Along with fast food they sell beer and have been in existence since 1983 when they were founded in Clearwater Florida.

With headquarters now in Georgia they have expended not only across the United States but into at least 26 other countries around the globe. The service is fast and personal and they tend to attract a sporting crowd.

Take Part In The Survey:

  • To take the survey you go to the website and that is found by following this link .
  • You must have made a purchase as you need to enter the 12 digit number that you will find on your receipt.
  • Next enter the store number and this will be found at the bottom of the receipt.
  • Fill in the check number.
  • Now enter the total amount that was spent.
  • Put in the date that the visit was made.
  • Press “enter” and you are ready to start giving your opinion.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions that cover the sweepstake and then press the “next” button.
  • Put in the time that you visited the store.
  • Answer the questions that are asked and rate each aspect of the service.
  • When you have finished then you will need to enter your email address. This will allow quick notification if you are the winner.
  • Now put in your first name.
  • Enter your last name.
  • Put down your telephone number.
  • Enter your Zip code.
  • Click “send” button at the end.

If you manage to win the sweepstake you will receive $1000 and this is a draw that is made daily. It will not take you more than a few minutes to fill in the survey. If you don’t get the big prize, there are also other prizes which will give discounts for future visits so there is a clear incentive to take part in the survey if you are eligible.