Monday , 22 January 2018
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Get %15 Discount In Sweet Tomato Survey

Souplantation & Sweet Tomato is a restaurant that created waves by bringing tasty, vigorous meals to San Diego in 1978.  They were praised for their new food types that were not available at the time.  With 112 chain eateries in 15 states, their food variety include soups, salads, pasta, breads, fruits and so much more.  They are very appreciative of their customers as they allow their customers the choice of choosing the meals that they like.  Their survey was put in place to find out how their customers enjoyed their experience in their restaurant as well the food that they served.  People who fill out the survey will get a 15% discount coupon that they can use for their next outing in any company restaurant.


  • The person has eaten in any of the company restaurant.
  • The person has a meal receipt from the company restaurant.
  • The person wish to enjoy the 15% discount offered by the company.
  • Go to their website address at
  • All information you require to start the survey is found on the meal receipt you receive after paying your bill.
  • You will be welcomed to a page that shows a copy of a receipt that should look like the one you have.
  • You will have to fill out the TTID number which is available on the top left hand side of the receipt.
  • Next, you will have to fill in the date of the receipt which can be found next to the TTID number.
  • You will then have to fill out the time on the receipt which can be found next to the date of the receipt.
  • Once you fill out the time, you will need to fill out the survey code which can be found before they explain the 15% discount that you receive when you complete the survey.


  • You can share your experience you had in the restaurant whether it is good or bad.
  • It will set a standard for a person to expect when they go this or any other restaurant in the future.
  • You receive a 15% discount after completing the survey.
  • The discount coupon can be used at any company restaurant.


  • You will have to spend a few minutes to complete the survey.
  • You will be unsure on the action taken to address your survey.

A restaurant who takes an effort in creating a survey is a restaurant that cares about customer opinions and whether the customers have enjoyed themselves during their visit to the restaurant.  As raved in the company website, it looks like they have taken the extra step to ensure customer receive the service they paid for.