Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Approach TaxAct Endeavor To Check e-File Status

Now you can just check your status by just clicking the button to get the results. You can get the result of all tax fillings previously any time by using this service.


  • You must have some detail depends on for what you are checking the status.
  • Commonly you must have social security and zip code number

Instructional Guides:

  • Visit this site to access the financial service by this company.
  • See the main tab on the top of the page and press “Return Status” and see the drop down menu and choose the option “E- File Status”
  • On the next page choose the year of tax filling by the drop down menu.
  • Now to check “1040 E-file Return Status” then fill the form.
  • Now provide your Social security number, zip code and last name and after that press “Check e-File Status”
  • To check business e-File Return Status you have to enter the employee identification number, zip code, company name and choose the options below before pressing the button to check the status.
  • If  you are looking to check the “IRS Where’s My Refund?” provide the  form with social security number choose the options for the filling status and enter amount refund and then press “Submit” button.


  • By this service by just logged on you can access the status of your tax filling any time.
  • You have to just provide some details and the result will be displayed before you.

About Company:

Tax Act is online service to provide you the suggestion and legal ideas for the tax filling. This is software and web based service to help you in calculation the tax and other financial calculation. You can claim here for the tax filling and can check the status here. They have aim to provide you these servicer at the affordable prices and approachable places.