Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Access TaxAct To Check The E-file Status

It is truly an amazing way to deal with the taxes. If you are an individual working for different things or a business unit then it can really provide you the best solution in the best way. This could really make the things to happen in a more positive way which really can have the positive impact on one in a more impressive manner. It is really a much secured place to deal with your taxation issues and you would be at your best to manage the same for the best reasons. This I really meant for the better way of managing the taxes.


  • Anyone can make the better use of it in a very impressive way and take the best advantage of the same.

How To Check?

You need to follow the following steps to check the same:

  • Go to the website at .
  • See the main menu “Return Status” above the page find out the drop down menu and select “E-File Status” and hit on it.
  • You will see the 1040 E-file Return Status form and Business E-file Return Status.
  • Start putting data in any of these forms to get the desire status. If you go for 1040 E- File Return Status then start filling it with the mentioned data.
  • Enter your SSN number
  • Enter your zip code
  • Enter your last name
  • Then click on the Check E-File Status option.
  • For to check “Business E-file Return Status” enter employee identification number, zip code and company name, After selecting the option click on the green button to go for the results.
  • You need to be registered to the website to be able to make more use of other services it has to offer however.

Pros And Cons:


  • Easy way to trace the return details.
  • One can have a better check on the same and hence it would help in a better planning ahead.
  • This is really very easy to operate and anyone with basic internet knowledge can do it.


  • One may find it difficult if he/she do not have internet access.

This is really a nice platform for the taxation purpose and anyone can have the positive use of it in a much better way. This could really take the things to a better level and can help a person to check the return status in a more impressive way which would really be an easier task to perform.