Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Take Part In The Target Survey To Win Cash Prize

Target sells a wide range of products to the American public. As well as clothes there is furniture, sports where and household items.  As well as offering all these products they also provide coupons which will help shoppers save money when they are making their purchases.

It work with communities to help them wherever they can and one of their aims is to keep prices as low as possible while still providing good service and good quality products. Communities can benefit by the receipt of 5% of the income and in some areas this is going to be a vital input.

It want to know that they are doing the right thing when it comes to serving the public, so they have set up a survey that will allow their customers to pass on their views and also put forward suggestions.

How To Take The Survey?

  • To begin with you need to go to the company website and that is found at .
  • This needs to be done within 72 hours of your latest visit and you need to keep your receipt. This can be proved by the date and time on the receipt.
  • Select language.
  • Enter the 12 number codes that is in the receipt.
  • Enter the User ID and again this is on the receipt.
  • The third piece of information from the receipt to be entered is the password.
  • You will be asked to answer a number of questions relating to your last visit at there.
  • When you have finished you do not need to do anything as your entry into the monthly draw is automatic.

If you do manage to win a prize in the monthly draw you could win as much as a $1500 Gift Card. If you do not make the big prize there are a lot of smaller ones so you could get one of the 300 $25 cards that are also offer. When filling in the survey there are no right or wrong answers and nothing you say will give you a better chance of winning as the entire prize winners are randomly selected by computer.