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Take In Friendly’s Survey & Enter In To Prize Draw

Friendly’s is a chain of ice cream parlours and they have many branches spread out across the East Coast. They have been in business since 1935 and their first branch was opened in Springfield Massachusetts. The company was set up by brother’s Curtis Blake and S. Priestly Blake and they have expanded so much over the years that they now have 10,000 employees.

There are 380 branches that sell ice cream, root beer floats and sundaes. They have a very popular product – a Fribble which was originally made as a milk shake but now uses ice cream to make it thick and rich. If you don’t want to eat in but would still like to enjoy the ice cream then there is also a take home menu so you can enjoy the ice cream at home as well. As a third option you could buy it at one of the 7500 supermarkets that stock the products.

To make sure that they are keeping their customers happy there is a survey that allows feedback to be given.

How To Take In Survey?

  • First of all you need to go to the company website that is found at .
  • On your receipt there will be a 14 digit code and you have to enter this. You will have needed to make a recent purchase.
  • Press “start” and you are ready to give your opinion.
  • There are a number of multiple choice questions and you can give your view by answering them.

Once you have finished there will be a coupon issued and you can print this off to take with you the next time you make a visit to parlour. Any suggestion will be carefully considered and as long as enough people seem to be of the same mind, there is the chance to see changes made. As long as you give polite information there will not be a problem with you making criticisms, but there must be a reason why you will be so critical and consequences for others, so think carefully before you make a long list of complaints.