Tuesday , 20 February 2018
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Register Your Super Drug Beauty Card Online

In this modern age life, along with the mounting innovation and development in science and technology, the insecurities among people have also become greater than ever before. This is the very the fact of which these beauty and cosmetics related companies are taking advantage of. They tend to capture the human mind and make them the victim of self anxiety and uncertainties. Therefore, mostly people seek different drug stores and beauty stores for one reason or the other. They look for different beauty products and drugs within the reasonable rates. These companies also offer different services and facilities to attract the consumers such as different cards which enable the clients to get exclusive offers and discounts on their products.

Steps To Register Card Online:

  • In order to get your card registered, first of all you have to visit the official website, at www.superdrug.com/beautycard .
  • Then a page will appear where you are supposed to click on “Register your beauty card” option.
  • In case you already got an account then sign in. Otherwise you can for registration by clicking “Register”.
  • Then to initiate the registration process, enter your name and title in the given fields.
  • Now give out all the required contact information, including your country, state, city, address, email ID, contact number etc. Retype the email ID for confirmation.
  • Enter a suitable password to use for signing in your account.
  • Finally click on “Register” to successfully finish the process.


  • To register your card, it is necessary for you to already have a beauty card.
  • You must provide all the valid information that is required.

About Stores:

These stores also recognized as Super drug Stores PLC was originally established in 1964. It is a retailer chain of stores that are providing beauty and health related products. This series of stores ranks on number second in United Kingdom. They intend to satisfy their clients and always try to fulfill all their needs. The very reason for their success is their way of dealing the customers and quality products and excellent services that they are providing. It I currently running more than nine hundred stores across the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland and Wales and Northern Ireland.