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Use Sun Life To Submit Or Track Make A Claim

Get served by Sun Light for your better future and get the financial support. You can track all your claims related to any kind of insurance that you have with the company. You can track or submit your claims for medical, health, retirement or any other plans very easily. Life becomes easy with the easy insurance plans and help that are available by the company online. You can do it by following just few very simple instructions.


  • You need to have a Financial Policy subscribed with the insurance company.
  • You should have the Policy number or the contract number of your policy.
  • You should also have the Identity number of membership that would be given to you by the company for your recognition.

How To Claim?

  • Go to the website at .
  • click on the link “submit or track a claim”
  • You have to sign in into your account.
  • If you do not have an account you will need to create one.
  • You will click on the option of “register now” and go with the procedure.
  • You will enter your personal information, your membership number and all the authentication details that are asked.
  • You will read the Terms and Conditions and Create Account.
  • When you have created the account, you will sign in to your account.
  • You will go to the option that shows Claims.
  • You will track your claim by putting your claim number.
  • If you have to submit your claim, you will also get to see the option for submitting the claim.
  • That is how you will forward your claim to the company.


  • With the services online you can easily maintain your insurance plans.
  • You can access them whenever you want.
  • You get updates about your insurance and account.
  • You can also view the details and the processing of your claims that you have to submit or you have submitted already.
  • You can get any kind of help and answers to your queries very easily.
  • You can contact the company without having to go to their office for any reason.

About Company:

It is a financial insurance company. It is based in the Canada and is serving the customers throughout the world. It is the most reliable and best insurance company with insurance policies related to almost every field of life.