Friday , 23 February 2018
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Win $2000 By Taking Store Opinion Survey

The largest retailer of food in Canada is Loblaw Companies limited and to know the level of customer’s satisfaction they have arranged an online survey. This is a questionnaire containing different questions regarding your experience at store and about all the things you purchased there. The survey is taken throughout the year so to keep on making changing’s according to the customer’s will. A draw is also conducted monthly so the gifts customers could be given to the customers for their time.

Customers are also rewarded for their time with monthly cash prizes. The survey is a good thing to make changing’s in the food items as well as if there are some problems related to staff working at the store then it can also be solved by these surveys. You are not punished or restricted for any kind of feedback. Now you can get $ 2000 by entering in to sweepstakes and with lucky draw the money can be yours. You must take the survey if you are interested in winning the cash prize and wants to get the food items even better.


  • To take the survey online you first will be invited through the store, and then you need to search for the link
  • There are four languages given in a drop down menu select the one from English, Arabic, and French and Chinese that you understand.
  • Click on the arrow to proceed to the questionnaire.
  • You will be asked some questions regarding your personal information including your age, receipt number, region etc.
  • Then a questionnaire will be given, answer the questions correctly.
  • You can be the winners of monthly prizes and can also get the grand prize of $ 2000.


To take the survey is not a big task you are just required to tell about your experience and nothing else. The things are so simple and there is no complication in it. For this easy work you will also get a surprise gift of $ 100, $ 500 or $ 2000.

About Loblaw:

Chain of a supermarket in Canada is Loblaw and there are about 70 stores under its brand. Theodore Loblaw established it in 1960s. It is a well known supermarket chain of Canada providing food items to its citizens and by now it is working at any different locations.