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Redeem Skype Voucher Or Prepaid Card Online

Skype is created by the SARL Skype Communications to connect people from all around the world.  This company created an application where a person could message, talk and make use of their webcam to talk to people about business, personal matters or just simply to keep in touch.  The best part about this application is their service is free.  In order to use this service, it is a requirement for people to sign up and add people they know by their full name or email address.


  • The person can apply for an account in any country.
  • The person has to be 18 years old and above.
  • The person has to have internet access.
  • The person needs to have hardware to install the application.
  • The person is required to have a username and password.

Redeem Your Points:

  • Go to their website address at
  • Provide your user name & password or follow up the following mentioned procedure to sign up.
  • Enter your unique voucher or card number in the required field and accept terms & condition to redeem your points.

  Create An Account For Skype:

  • Visit: , Click on create an account that is just above the Skype icon that says buy Skype credit.
  • You will be taken to another page.  You have a choice to either sign up with your Facebook or Microsoft account.
  • If you choose not to use either, you can scroll down and fill in your first name, last name and email address.  Repeat the same email address that you typed in previously.
  • Next, choose the day, month and year of your birthday.  Choose your gender and country you are from.
  • Type the city you are in and choose the language you prefer.  You have a choice to either type your mobile phone number or leave it blank.
  • Then, choose the reason why you intend to use Skype.  After that, type the Skype name of your choice as well as your password twice.
  • You will then be required to type a Catchall text and once done, just click I agree-Continue.  You will be taken to a page to download the application.
  • Once you have downloaded, type your username and password and you are able to use the program immediately.

Pros and Cons:

The positive points in creating an account for Skype are:

  • You can call anyone at anytime.
  • It’s free to call, message or video call any Skype account in the world.
  • It’s available worldwide.
  • Its rates are cheap to call anywhere in the world.

The negative points in creating an account for Skype are:

  • You need to have internet access and hardware that is compatible with the program.
  • It’s not free to call anyone around the world.

It is the trend nowadays to use Skype to connect to people around the world.  The call quality is good and people save a lot of money by using this program.  Moreover, it saves time as the person will be able to send files, catch a picture and share their desktop with only one application.