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Get A Securite Card Account Transactions Online

The SecuritE card is a MasterCard debit card created by the Missouri Department of Social Security the Family Support Division. The card is very reliable and will help you get rid of the expensive cash fees or the inconvenience of loosing checks. With the help of a account you can transfer cash from Family Support Payment center to your card very easily and without any stress.  In order to access your account you have to use your credit number and password as username and password. A SecuritE card will give you the convenience of a MasterCard, without being a credit card. The card is very safe and easy to use. The best feature of the card is that all transactions are free of charge. A monthly statement is released where you can see all your account activity.


  • SecuritE card number and Password
  • A computer with internet connection

How To Access Securite Online Account?

  • Go to .
  • To access your account you have to provide a 16-digit card number which you can find in the front of your credit card.
  • If you are a returning cardholder then enter your card number and password. Click the button “login”.
  • Access your account following the instruction given by the website and you can manage and control all aspects of your account with ease.

Pros And Cons:

  • You eliminate the possibility of lost or stolen checks
  • Guaranteed payment system
  • MasterCard convenience
  • Lack of general information
  • Website help page unable to provide useful information
  • Asking for personal information

Missouri Department of Social Security is a state agency of Missouri. The agency operates on social services. MDSS has many divisions grouped under 3 major branches: office of the director, program divisions and support divisions. DSS will provide all sort of help and care programs for the citizens especially child care. You can report for any kind of child abuse. Citizens of Missouri State can have access to health care, child support enforcement assistance and specialized help for youth at risk. DSS have around 1 million peoples enrolled for HealthNet services. Their specialized personnel can help you with whatever you might need to know about child adoption, reporting child abuse or neglect or support. They have a specialized division for youth where they care and treat delinquent youth committed to their custody. They teach the youth to be responsible and to respect the need of their families and the community. The program for rehabilitating juvenile criminal is will shatter everything you know about this subject. In Missouri there are no bars in the juvenile detention centers, for example. The facility will try to understand and help the youth.