Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Participate Sears Home Service Survey To Share Experience

What could be a better way than conducting surveys to know what your customers want? If you want to develop your business by providing quality services and goods, the only way would be to get feedback from your customers. It is this feedback that you can analyze critically and get to know how best to satisfy your customers. The feedback could be positive or negative from your customers.  Whatever feedbacks you get use it to improve the quality of service to your customers. In every business there would be big customers and the small customers. Often it is the big customers that get the most attention thus leaving the small customers with no one to hear them. It is only through the surveys that you would be able to get the views of the small customers. Most of the time it is the small customers who are overlooked that can provide the most critical issues that could affect the business. It is in this respect that home service survey is conducted so that the customers are able to have a platform to give their views about the company services.

How To Participate?

  • Visit Site .
  • Every time that Home Services provides you with a service, you will get a receipt that has a service order number and a store number printed at the back.
  • Enter the numbers on the survey portal provided together with the service completion date
  • Start the survey and when complete submit the online form

What Will You Get Response?

  • Conducting an online survey might seem easy, but getting response from the targeted people could be the uphill task. You need as many people as possible to give back there feedback on your service so that you can get a broad opinion.
  • Always personalize the invitations by addressing the email invitations to your customers using their names
  • Make the survey simple and short
  • Give sweepstakes as a reward for people who have successfully completed the survey


  • It is quick and can be easily customized to fit the target audience
  • Customers will be satisfied as their concerns will be known
  • Increase your market brand


  • Response might be poor if not the survey isn’t well designed
  • Poor response time might lead to get less than expected feedback
  • Not all respondents might give accurate information thus getting redundant feedback

About The Company:

This company is a utility service provider that conducts installation, maintenance, cleaning, repair and other home improvements services.