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Access The Santander My Auto Payment Online Account

Santander is the working name of Santander Consumer USA. It is  the nation’s largest automotive finance company. It provides leads and lending programs. They began originating loans in 1997. It was founded by ex-auto finance professionals who left the dealerships to focus strictly on banking. Since they are such a big company it is important to them that they keep their products and service customized and personalized. Service needs to be convenient as well. Being convenient means that you must operate online. The link below will grant you access to Santanders My Account page. There is a wealth of accessible service available.


Registering will grant you access to all the convenience of online account management.

  • Visit: .
  • Choose the Register button.
  • You must accept the online terms of service to continue. Click Accept.
  • Begin by providing your Social Security number.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Click verify.
  • The next few pages will ask you personal information and verify your account. Answer the questions completely and accurately.


Once you have registered you will then be able to login from the My Account page.

  • Simply highlight and press the login button.
  • Provide the username and password with which you registered.
  • Click the secure login button underneath the password field.

From There You Are Able To:

  •  Make auto payments.
  • Change personal profile information.
  • File insurance claims.

Making a payment in this fashion is the most convenient and the quickest way to stay on top of your loan and ensure that you enjoy the car you have bought. Sign up or sign it now.