Friday , 19 January 2018
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Filling In Ruby Tuesday Survey To Get $3 Discount

Ruby Tuesday was established by 5 students who decided that there was a place in the market for the sort of food they enjoyed and they were the people to put together a company that would close that hole. It has been in existence since 1972 when it was set up in Tennessee and it has been a success.

It has grown a great deal since then and is now trading in 44 States across the USA with more than 680 branches there and in 13 other countries. It is based around casual dining and has become most famous for the special burgers that they sell.

While expansion has not been a problem it is important that the company is able to keep the position that is has, and it is here that loyal and happy customers are able to help. They can fill in a survey after they have had their meal and this can be done when using the access code that will be found on the receipt.

Take Part In The Survey:

  • Start off by going to the website at .
  • Decide if you are going to answer in English or Spanish.
  • Use the access code on the survey to enable you to begin – this will be made up of 18 numbers.
  • Click “continue” and you are on your way to the survey.
  • Answer all of the questions and it is only by giving as much detail as possible that they will be able to make improvements.
  • Remember to comment about others as you would want them to comment about you and you can still make a point about poor service without resorting to unkindness.

This is not going to take long to fill in and you could be helping them find out what needs to be changed. The questions will be easy to understand and the best part is that there is a reward for you. When you have filled in the survey you will receive a $3 discount voucher and this can be used against your bill the next time you eat out at there.