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Join Royal Mail Online To Book Redelivery

Sometimes you might be out of your home for a family vacation or any other reason and when you get back you find a card on your door step saying that “we missed you”. This can be a kind of trouble as you have to go to the Courier Company or post office yourself to get your package or mail. Often they even demand additional charges for your own stuff. But now those days are gone, you don’t have to walk to the postal or courier company for the redelivery of your mail. Its offers you the service to redeliver your mail without requiring any extra charges and you can also avail the facility of providing them a new address instead of the previous one, in case you shifted to a new home or something.

Steps To Book?

  • To avail the service of redelivery, you first have to go the official website of at .
  • On the page that will appear, you can see the option “Book Redelivery”, click on it.
  • Online form will be in front of you, enter title full name, contact information like , email address, phone number and mobile number.
  • Enter You address details,  name of card, property name or number, post code, flat number, property name and number, street, city and post code.
  • Click on “Continue” button, give them your items delivery details, give them alternative delivery details and in the last get redelivery confirmation.


  • Before booking you redelivery at this site, make sure that you got there card saying “sorry you were out”. It is essential.
  • Provide the correct required information.

About Company:

The history of this company goes back to 1516, when it was first founded. It is basically an official government sector that provides postal and courier services. Its head quarters are situated in London, United Kingdom. Since the day it all started, they have been striving to make it easy for their clients with the quality and reliability of their services. They provide the best mailing and courier services all over the United Kingdom within very reasonable rates.