Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Take In Rexall Pharmacy Survey To Win $1000

Rexall Pharmacies are based in North America and have been in existence since 1902. There was a wide expansion program carried out through 1977 and there are now 12000 stores spread out across the United States Of America. They also provide over the counter drugs in Canada and as well as providing the same products that other pharmacy’s sell such as baby products, hair care and cosmetics.

When you buy any products at store then you will be offered the chance to take part in their customer satisfaction survey. This will be your chance to say how you feel about your visit, and also what could have been done to improve it.

Take The Survey Online:

  • Make sure that you have your receipt with you when you plan to fill in the survey.
  • Visit the website at .
  • Fill in the survey entry code.
  • Enter the amount you spent on the visit.
  • Fill in the date and time of your purchase.
  • Click “enter” and you are ready to begin.
  • You will now be faced with the questions and you can answer them as you see fit.
  • Once you finish you will need to give some personal details, starting with your household income.
  • Next you will be asked for contact details.
  • Fill in your name.
  • Now give your address including postal code.
  • Give your e mail address.
  • Now fill in your phone number.
  • Press “send” and you have reached the end of the survey.

The survey is not going to take you long to fill in and as a thank you for your time, you could be the winner of the top prize of $1000.  Even if you do not get the main prize then there is $20 provided and this can be spent the next time you shop as it comes in the form of a discount. This is done to help convince its participants that their views are valued and that they are not wasting their time filling it in.