Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Apply For A Qcard At QVC

If we discuss about the QCard then it is a type of credit card that is offered to the Q Members. In 1986 Joseph Segel found QVC. He was an entrepreneur at that time that identifies the golden opportunity of appealing the shopping experience from side to side the television broadcasts. QVC is basically the abbreviation of Quality, Value and Convenience. He intended not to compromise on these three promises. Talking about its sale then we can see that in 2011, the sale of the company was about 8.3 billion annually, and 2.6 billion that comes from the eCommerce.

Now day’s, its seems to be world foremost retailer of commerce and video retailer. They are world biggest multimedia shopping organization, in the sense of conditions, ranks and revenue at the same time. Couple of a product that is featured and seem to be exclusive to the customers. Now it is operating in wide product line just like electronics, beauty, apparel, home goods, jeweler and several accessories.


  • An operating system and internet connection are basic requirements for getting access to the website.
  • Your mental satisfaction is necessary

Step By Step Guide

  • Visit the .
  • Enter the user information such as email address and pin code.
  • After verify the pin code, go to the next step.
  • Choose the title from the drop down menu such as Ms/Mrs.
  • Write the first and last name in the required fields.
  • Write the address and city name.
  • Select the state and province from the drop down list and enter the zip code.
  • After that select the desire country.
  • Write the home and work phone number.
  • Click on the button “continue”.

The question arises that am I secure and what kind of benefits that I am getting from this account

  • You are completely secure; no one expects you can get access to the account.
  • Two major benefits that you may get from the QCard are shopping and travel benefits.
  • Without facing any problem you can purchase goods and this card also offers you deferred payment mechanism.
  • You can use your card for buy variety of products by sitting at home.
  • You might get the benefit from high grace period at the same time.
  • Furthermore there is no fee of going in excess of your credit limits.