Monday , 22 January 2018
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Get Prizes In Hot & Fresh Pizza Pizza Feedback Survey

Pizza is the most popular junk food in the world that has a huge liking by any age group. Whenever you feel that you are busy and cannot make a food for you just pick up the phone and call any pizza franchise that is near to your location. In all over the world they facilitate their customer with home delivery option, or if you have time then you can go to any pizza restaurant and dine in.

Hot and fresh Pizza Pizza is a Canadian Pizza restaurant. They offer a very good quality Pizza to their customers. They have Facebook and twitter fan pages where their customers and fans can give comments about their quality of Pizzas. They also have a Hot & fresh Pizza Pizza survey feedback site where people can visit and give their feedback as a survey.


  • A system with the internet access whether it is computer or a laptop for Survey.
  • The receipt of previous visit of the restaurant and you take a deal.

How To Access?

  • There is a pizza pizza feedback website that is named as people can go to this website with the help of their Internets.
  • When the survey appears on the screen you have to select the site in which you can easily understand the question and give feedback.
  • English and Spanish are the most convenient languages for Fresh Pizza survey.
  • Then move to the next page with the help of arrow sign.
  • In the next page you will have to write a 3 digit number of restaurant or store that is written on the end of the page.
  • Then click another button to proceed towards the next page.
  • Enter date and time of your visit.
  • Add another number that is known as reference number which is printed on the underneath of the receipt.
  • Then tell them how you place your order, on phone, online or by walking.
  • Then rate their services and dealing techniques.
  • In the recommendation box, leave your complaints and comments.
  • Lastly click the finish survey button.


  • These sorts of surveys provide the customers a right to tell the negative and positive things about a company.
  • People can communicate to the owners and managers of the company with the fresh Pizza survey.
  • They get prizes in return of their feedback.


  • People sometimes misguide other people.
  • They just concentrate on their prize and do not focus on the purpose of the survey.
  • Some people use very cheap languages and give negative criticism.

In the Canadian Food service industry Hot and Spicy Pizza Pizza are the best in quick serve service. They give the best food to their customers. Their future is bright and gets more fans in coming years.