Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Check Photonotice Red Light Violation Video Online

It happens most of the times with the individual that they drive so much rashly on the roads that they commit a bad incident. This incident might injure another person or may take the death of any person. It leaves deep impacts upon the people who get affected by such kind of incidents. If we notice the person who commits such kind of mistakes, we see that he/she forget such things after a short period of time. For them now Photonotice red light violation has been introduced through which they can see the whole video themselves.


  • Switch on your computer and access the internet connection for opening the relevant site.
  • Before opening make sure, that you have either the citation number with yourself or your license plate number with yourself.
  • It is better to write it on a paper or if your memory is so much good then you can keep it in your mind also.
  • Go at the page of .
  • After opening of the homepage, you need to provide your citation number and the license plate number with city code in the relevant boxes. Only then you can get access to your account and the later site.
  • For watching the video clip of your incident, you need to follow the steps that are told by them.
  • They will keep on guiding you till you reach the video in which you can see everything. Click on your video and then by this you can pay your fine very easily.
  • Mostly it is possible that they will allow you to pay the fine online but if the violation done by you is so much serious then they would not allow you to pay online.
  • Once it is done, you can logout from the site anytime you want and come back again whenever you commit any kind of violation.


By the Photonotice red light violation, one can easily look at the whole video of incident or accident done by them. The best thing is that they can easily pay their fine online but within the due date otherwise it will be enlarged.

About Company:

Redflex Holdings put forward all the rules and services for those who violate the traffic rules or commit any accident. They deal in providing the camera services to the traffic police. Different types of cameras are provided by them. They catch the video clip or the number of person on the tape and take further action.