Wednesday , 17 January 2018
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Claim Your Phone From Boost Mobile Within Minutes!

When your phone has had mishaps and reclaiming is needed, the last thing you need to go through is a process that will make claiming a living hell. The swiftness, reliability and effectiveness of the claim process are what matters. At this age and era no one can afford to be without a phone for even an hour. This is true because we track our loved ones, get directions, get emails, get calls, SMSes, answers, diaries, calendars, timetables, notes, recopies, reminders and budgets on phones. Phones have become part and parcel of life. This is why Asurion’s phone claim process provides you with deductible service fee for coverage details and documents for your phone claim. The process is very easy and results are instant success.

Requirements Include:

  • You must know your provider and your phone model
  • Internet access is paramount
  • You must fill the claims affidavit and ensure you sign it
  • A copy of your valid ID should be attached
  • Documents should be forwarded to Asurion by email or even fax.

The Processes Involved In Claim Completion Are:

  • Connect to to start your phone claim process.
  • Select your provider in this case Boost Mobile Insurance.
  • Select the button “File Claim”.
  • Enter the mobile account information and your personal information.
  • Give them the detail about the incident of phone losing.
  • Provide device details and shipping address.
  • Add payment method before submitting the application.
  • Check the deductible amount and ensure it is accurate.
  • You are bound to receive the phone in about two working days.
  • Review your application and submit it.

Advantages Of The Service Are That:

  • The process is easy that takes just about ten minutes for you to file your claim.
  • Shipping happens in time since all the information about shipping is usually done by you during the initial stage to ensure everything is ready. One usually sends back the other phone on receipt of the replacement one.
  • The swiftness of the process and response time is exceedingly overwhelming. Once you have lodged your complain and claim, the team behind the website contacts you to ensure you are updated and kept in the loop during the whole time.

Disadvantage is that you need to ensure that you fill in all the required information properly and accurately for claiming to be instant.

Asurion being a technology protection company is the largest wireless phone insurance company that also provides wireless assistant programs for roadsides. Its global headquarters are found in Nashville of Tennessee. It also offers data back-up services in North America using wireless carriers. In North America, its headquarters are in Kansas City in Missouri. It services large companies like Virgin media, Telus, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Verizon wireless, Bouygues, Tesco, AT&T, KTF Metro PCS and Rodgers Wireless.