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Login To People Customer Services Account To Check Payment Status

This is providing the news from all around the world to its customers. If you are wiling to know anything about the showbiz industry then you can simply login to you account and can avail all. They also publish their magazine that you can avail on any book store as well as you can simply get it on you PC system at their official website. They have restrictions for the users to use their website. So you are supposed to follow all those terms and regulations.


  • To check your payment status online customer service, visit www.people.com/customerservice .
  • At the home page you will see the service options on the left hand side of the page in a column.
  • From the column select the option “check your payment status”.
  • To access this service you have to login through subscriber login.
  • The subscriber login is available at the right hand side of the page under blank bold letter that say “login using your account number and zip/postal code”.
  • In this section write your account number in the first field.
  • Write your zip/ postal code in the second field.
  • Write your email address in the third field.
  • Click on the pink colored button “next”.
  • You can login using your address as well as your digital account information.
  • For login through address information enter full name, address, city, country and email address.
  • For digital login enter username and password and click on “Login” button.
  • After accessing your account you can easily check the status of your payments and many other services are accessible there.
  • To check out the terms and conditions of the use of this website go to the following link subscription.timeinc.com/storefront/privacy/people/privacy_terms_service.html.


By logging in to your account you can pay your bill, you can renew your subscription, you can check you payment status, and you can find out when your subscription ends, you can change your address, you can change your password, you can update your email address and you can do much more with it. It is quick and easy to get access to this online service with a fast speed internet connection. All you have to do is to provide a little information and all is done at one.

About Company:

It is an online website where you can get a lot of news about different celebrities and much more that is happening around you. It offers you a lot of online services.