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Accessing PCH Online And Generating Money

Publishers Clearing House is a multichannel direct marketing company that handles merchandise that are value based, promotional offers, magazines and also involved in digital entertainment play and win categories. The company headquarters is situated in New York, in Port Washington.

PCH was founded in the year 1953 and has gained popularity as a sweepstakes establishment that gives the much acclaimed Prize Patrol gifts that range from $1,000 to more than$10,000,000. The company has so far been providing about $239 million in just prizes alone. The establishment has improved and expanded immensely, to provide account holders many ways in which they can win money online. They can also win money through the various social media networks and mobile applications too.

Registering With PCH:

For opening an account with PCH you have to visit

  • You have to click on the enter now sign in the home page of the website.
  • Fill in the required details present in the registration page.
  • You have to give them name, address, state, city and zip code.
  • Add your email address to get latest updates about the promotions.
  •  After registration you can log in.
  • By opting for the email access you will be given promotional emails that update you on the latest winning moves.
  • You should have only one account under your name.
  • Multiple accounts will be deleted and winnings from the accounts will be forfeited.
  •  If you forget the password you can   use the forgotten password link and for username you have to contact the customer support division.
  •  By sending the email that you have used in the registration form with the details like name, address, postal code and date of birth, you can retrieve your user name.

Depositing In The PCH Account:

For making deposits you need to be a registered user. You can make a deposit by

  • Clicking on the deposit button and choosing the method of deposit.
  • The deposits processing depends on the method used.
  •  All the deposits are immediately processed except the Bank drafts and the Bank transfer, which takes about 7 business days to process.

Sweepstakes Offer:

The site publishes regular sweep facts about the promotional offers and the information related to play safe and securely. The online gaming network at the site has 10 million visitors with a prize winner being announced for every ten minutes. Mobile and tablets can also be accessed in addition to the computer, for looking into the opportunities available. No purchase of products or payment is necessary for entering the sweepstakes offer.

Tips And Warnings:

You can have fun by joining in the sweepstakes and the giveaway offers. But you should know to differentiate between a scam and a valid sweepstake offer.

  • Ensure that the checks you receive are authentic
  • Beware of suspicious calls and mails announcing that you have won
  • You should not provide credit card details to get your prize
  • You should not send money to receive a sweepstake prize offer

Advertising agencies and consumer marketing companies can make use of the website and the related gaming sites for profitable partnerships and promotions that will help in the formation of qualified, as well as highly responsive profits that can be got in an interesting and enjoyable environment.