Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Activate Pandora On Samsung Blu-Ray Player

Now use Pandora, the magical system to stream any kind of music on your Samsung Blu-ray player and your Samsung Home Theater system as well. The advent of technology has made it easier by the use of Pandora which has been developed by the experts to do your work and listen to the music of your own choice at any time.


In order to work with Pandora the things you need to have are:

  • A Samsung Blu-ray player or the Samsung Blu-ray Home Theater system. Only that would be able to work with Pandora because Pandora is a Samsung product and will only work with the Samsung Blu-ray Devices.
  • Internet Access on your computer in order to do the streaming.
  • An account on Pandora. So that the software recognizes your device.


In order to create an account on Pandora you need to follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Pandora software by clicking on its icon and connect it to the server.
  • When it connects to the server, you get an activation code.
  • Launch the website
  • Fill in the activation code that you have got from your device launch on the internet. Enter the code and in the second step you will see some options.
  • Follow the other steps to complete the desire code.
  • Now you can create stations on your account and does all the music stuff that you want to really easily.


You are provided with the facility of playing any type of music and searching for it at your ease. You can also create your own music stations and tune in to the radio at your choice. Now you can enjoy music at your mood very easily.

About Pandora:

Pandora allows the free music recommendation. It is an automated service which allows streaming on the internet on the Samsung Blu-ray player and also on the Samsung Blu-ray Home Theater system. A very complex system of algorithms and musical attributes has been designed and developed by the experts to generate different music selections by using Pandora.