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Get New York State Comptroller Access To Check Loan Status

New York State and Local Retirement System has a good number of people under it. It is acting as a sole trustee of Common Retirement Fund which is one of the largest entities in the world for institutional investors. It also maintains state’s accounting system along with payroll administration. It is also responsible for issuing state’s financial report. There are many other important financial works which are managed by this entity at the best in the state.


  • Retired people can access the website online.
  • Vendor or the business unit under the New York State.

How To Sign Up For OSC?

  • Visit the website .
  • On the home page go to the menu “Our Office”.
  • Under that select the online services enrollment process and then you will find the “enrol now” option, which you need to click.
  • Now you will be asked with two options. Select the appropriate one as there are the options of “Individual” and “Business” and START ENROLLMENT.
  • After selecting the entity of yours, it will ask you to agree the terms and conditions. Read it carefully and understand the same after that you need to agree and click on the “Next” option.
  • It will direct you to new page where you need to enter Vendor number along with vendor name. For the individual it will ask the similar details with Social Security Number and DOB.
  • After filling this small form you will then get directed towards the other options in order to complete the registration.

Pros And Cons:

The advantages of having the online access :

  • Members can check the online status of the loan taken.
  • One can also view the balance which is yet to come to them.
  • Along with the above, one can find the way to see beneficiary designation, contribution balance and more.
  • It will also help you to know as how much credit service is available.
  • Prisoners too can check the deductions in last payments, total payments, retirement information and more.
  • It works in a much secured way as no one else can see your details.

Disadvantages Associated With The Online Access Could Be Seen As:

  • One need to have internet access as it will not work if you are not in the best region to operate internet.

It is a state-wide financial system that provides many benefits to the state as well as to its vendors. One of the major benefits of the state-wide financial system is that it maintains New York State Financial Vendor file which is a central database of all the business entities in the state that are having authority to conduct the business in sate. It is created by the office of the State It’s Bureau of Expenditure names as Vendor Management Unit (VMU).