Friday , 23 February 2018
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Participate In KFC Survey To Win $1000

Surveys may be a good tool for market research for your company. They will help you understand your customers as well as your competitors as well as the industry in which you operate. Surveys do not end when the feedback has been received from your customers, it’s an ongoing process that involves collecting the data, analyzing the data, coming up with recommendations and implementing the recommendations. The process might be long winding but at the end of it, it is your business and customers who will benefit. Your customers will benefit by getting quality service and goods while your company will benefit by retaining customers and attracting new ones hence resulting in company growth. To effectively conduct the surveys, the author of the survey must plan, design, implement and manage the survey questions and data received. This will at the end ensure that customers are greatly satisfied while the business will be able to identify the areas that need improvement. KFC survey helps the company to boost its customer base, retain its customers and entrench their market brand. This has contributed to the companies successfully growth globally as they continue to satisfy the customers with innovative products and services.

How To Participate?

  • Visit click on “Enter”.
  • When you eat at any of the restaurants, you will be issued with a receipt that has the restaurant number, store number or shop number printed at the back.
  • It will also have a link to the survey printed at the back of receipt which you need to follow
  • Enter the number at the survey portal and click on next
  • Complete the whole steps of survey tell them about their services and product in a good way.
  • Tell either they are working well or not, what they have to improve.

Why To Take Survey?

  • To persuade customers to take the surveys, they are entered into a sweepstake on successfully submitting the survey. Only persons over 21 years of age are allowed.


  • They help determine customer loyalty as they measure customer satisfaction
  • The company will also be able to know what their competitors are doing
  • There will be customer retention and increased sales as the company implements the feedback from the customer


  • Some customers may not disclose full information on what they think about the product and service hence denying your company crucial information
  • If not designed properly, the survey may not be helpful to the company

About The Restaurant:

This is one of the leading restaurants in the world. With a footprint all over the world, it has established itself as a market leader for fast foods.