Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Win In Totem Survey About $1000

Now you can take the customer satisfaction survey for Totem and find your way to win exciting prizes for yourself. If you have bought any kind of building material form the company you will get the receipt at the billing point. You can use that shopping for entering into the survey and give your feedback to the company. This way you can get eligible for winning the gift packages from the company and making you’re shopping smarter and fun. In order to take the survey you just have to follow few very easy steps.


  • Keep the receipt that you get after doing shopping from the company. You will need the receipt to enter the code for the survey.


  • Go to the website where you would be able to find the option for taking the survey or else you can access the survey page directly by following the link .
  • When you arrive at that page, you will have to enter the code number that your receipt holds.
  • After entering the code number you will continue with the procedure and will arrive on a page that would be more like a questionnaire.
  • There you will be asked the questions about your shopping experience at the store.
  • You will give response to the questions according to your choice.
  • Then you will submit the questionnaire.
  • You will give your e-mail address where you can be contacted and your personal details.
  • There you go; you are done with the job.


  • You will be notified about the result of the survey through e-mail.
  • Do not forget to read the policies before taking the survey.
  • Your feedback will have no impact on the results of the survey, it would be totally partial.


  • By taking this survey you can communicate your needs and how you feel about the company and its products.
  • The company gets the chance to improve wherever improvement is required.
  • The online process is very easy to take.
  • It is really quick.
  • It saves time and effort as well.
  • You can directly contact the company by this survey.

About Company:

It is a company that is very reliable and famous for its products of building supplies. It is quite famous for the kind of products it sells and has gained the good will of customer so far.