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Order For Office Max Gift Card To Get 20% Discount

OfficeMax retails different kinds of office supplies in North America. It is the third largest retailer of office supplies across North America Preceded by Staples and Office Depot. The business has more than 900 retail stores in the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. There are up to 11, 000 branded items that the store retail. Some of the items that you will find on sale in the store are paper, pens, organizers, forms, office furniture and the likes. Apart from this, the business is also offering printing and documenting services via its Impress store-within-a-store.

Who Are The Customers?

They are offering both retail office products and business-to-business office supplies. This implies that both enterprise, small and medium business and individual can buy their office supplies directly from the company. The company also has salesperson that enable it to market its products directly to people that need them.

How To Get Discount?

Company is offering different types of discounts and special deals to their customers. Consumers shopping for gift cards from office are entitled to 20% discount. This is a special deal for savvy shoppers. In order to get this discount, you have to visit the official site. Look for the special discount on gift card and click on it. You will find the available 20% discount in the site. You can also sign up for special deal to be sent to you directly.

 Steps To Follow:

  • Go to .
  • Scroll down the page and then go to the option “Gift Cards” under “New and Now”.
  • The page displays different types of gift cards available.
  • Click on the gift card that you want
  •  A new page will turn up containing information about the card
  • Add the quantity you want
  • You can add items to the list of your favorite items
  • Locate the “add items to card” button and click on that
  • A little box will come up requiring you to add your shipping zip code. Add it and then click on continue.
  • Continue as you are prompted.

About Gift Cards:

Gift cards can be used to make purchases online and in the local stores. They can also be used for cataloging. One good thing about the gift card which differentiates it from coupon and other types of discount is that it does not expire. It does not attract any service fee. This implies that you can buy as many gift cards as you can. You can keep them and use them for your personal purchases. You can also give them out as presents to your friends and customers.


You must not have an account in order to buy from the site. However, having one will make the shopping easier for you.