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Register For Office Depot Performance Protection Plan

The office depot performance protection program offers for replacement and repair of covered item to normal condition of operating after this has failed because of defects in the workmanship and material comprising those because of normal deterioration and the power surge. The accidental damage from the handling which is also known as the ADH if accidental damage from the handling coverage bought as section of the PPP is covered as well. The holder of this program pays hidden or deductibles prices for the covered failures.

This office depot performance protection plan offers the coverage for the items like desktop computers and notebooks, peripherals like scanners and printers, portable electronic items, cameras, shredders, flat panel Television, monitors, consumer electronic items, office equipment, small appliances, lighting, furniture, backpacks and luggage.


  • You must have the computer system with the access of high speed connection of internet
  • You must have the valid email address and the phone number
  • You must have the web browser such as the Google chrome, Firefox or internet explorer

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit Or
  • After this click on a register here button which is placed at the bottom of this page.
  • After clicking on this button the new window will open, at this page type in your first name, last name in the required fields
  • Type in your valid email address and the password in the required fields
  • And type in your phone number and zip code in the required fields and then click on a button which is marked as Submit
  • After this in the next window provide all the required information about the product in the required fields.
  • This is the really very easy way to register the product at the office depot and this just takes few minutes to complete.

There are approximately six kinds of the plans of performance protection available these are;

  • Plans of standard service
  • Plans of premium service
  • Plans of standard replacement
  • Plans of premium replacement
  • Plans of furniture service
  • Plans of furniture replacement