Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Sign Up To Offender Connect Account Online

This is an online platform through which those in prison can relay information to their family members and close friends. This can only happen when one has set up an account with this online service. A telephone number could therefore be added to the account. Through this line the person in prison can communicate with friends and family. Usually money is added to the commissary account while it is also possible to check monthly account statements and manage the accounts accordingly. There is also the possibility of sending emails to those in detention when necessary.

How To Sign Up?


  • Have access to reliable internet.
  • Provide personal details like name, phone number and email address among other information needed.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Visit the website .
  • Click sign up on the welcoming page.
  • Read the terms of use and click accept to continue.
  • Fill out the details such as your name, city, state, address and email address you want to use for setting up the account. Choose a username and set the password for your account.
  • From a drop down list, choose the facility provided in the state you are staying.
  • Confirm that the information you have provided is true and click continue.
  • Qualify for facility setup, choose special offers with the account.
  • Verify your account setting before ending the registration process.
  • Check email inbox. An email coming from the administration will be received; click link in mail to confirm registration and your account will be fully set up.


The services offered by this website are geared towards enabling smooth flow of information from a detainee to the people he or she cares about. Most of the time your love one in prison then there is usually fears that you are not able to know what they are going through. The availability of this service allays your worst fears and makes you feel at ease wherever you might be while your loved one serves his or her sentence. It also enables you to save money as you maintain contact.