Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Get Thrifty Foods Survey Offer Up To $250 Card

Foods are the items every body likes to get in its best and perfect form. This is a retail chain of supermarkets and they provide a chance to give feedback for their customers. The feedback could be taken in two form, first is in the form of hand out questionnaire and the second is the online questionnaire. This questionnaire is very simple and is all about the staff and the services of the customer. If you have any of the problems related to the products of the company or any of the staff members then you can simply tell here in this survey.

To take the only survey you need to have your own computer with the availability of internet connection and the receipt from which a little information is required and then you are ready to enter all your answers and feelings about the company and its services.


  • The official website, go to it.
  • You are required to create your account at this site if you want to take the survey.
  • To sign up you need to type your name, email ID, password and then choose a security question from the drop down menu.
  • Click on the button “next”.
  • From the receipt of the store enter the number in the given field.
  • Click “next” to get the questionnaire.
  • Give your opinion about the services you get at the store.
  • Answer all the questions given correctly.
  • You are asked about the rating of the survey, give it overall.
  • Enter the feedback you want to give to the company.
  • To get different prizes and the grand prize worth $ 250 card, provide the contact information.
  • Submit the form by click at “finish” button.


The customers have a great benefit to take the survey as they can get too many surprise gifts as well as they can enter into sweepstakes for the grand prizes of about $ 250 gift card on which they can shop a lot of things. The customers can suggest any product if they want to have it in the store or also can change any of the dealing just by giving them suggestion.

About Company:

The chain of supermarket located in British Columbia, Canada and first was introduced to the public in 1977.