Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Enter In Lego Survey Online

The survey is meant to be a cursor on if the new product of Lego has the ability to meet the needs of customers. It is an online survey aimed at grasping the comments and remarks of clients who buy the Lego toys. This is for the sole purpose of improving or amending the interactions and activities of users’ communities. As a reward for your time in taking the survey, those who successfully complete the survey directly enter into a sweepstake draw that runs for a month and a successful winner drawn the next month. The winner is emailed the good news and awarded with a Lego product worth either $60 or $80. The survey is supported by a software company Medallia which is based in California and has good relations with more than 50,000 worldwide business locations like websites, stores and hotels.

Here Are The Terms And Conditions Of The Survey:

  • One has to be over the age of thirteen. Parents are allowed to participate on their children’s behalf.
  • Only after the game has been played is when the survey can be taken.
  • You are required to find on the Lego box, on box fronts, below the age mark, below the logo, in the box or on the building’s instructions front page a four or six digit product code.

How To Participate In The Survey?

  • Go to
  • On the top right hand side corner of the webpage, select your language.
  • Carefully read the information provided then enter the product code provided in the section then click on “Begin Survey”.
  • Follow instructions and make sure you finish the survey.

The Advantages Of This Survey Are:

  • You get rewarded with a Lego product on successful completion.
  • You can say the products developed can be custom made for you when you air your views about what you think is good and bad. This can be used to render new developments or improvements for the environment and product.

There are no confirmed disadvantages but those hastened by you when for example you lose the product code, you cannot by any means take the survey. No product code, no survey. Internet is easily available so there is no challenge posed by the use of internet.

Lego is a line of popular construction toys engineered and manufactured by a company privately based in Denmark called The Lego Group. The product baring its flag is Lego which is made of bricks of several bold colors interlocking with every adjoin using other parts and gears. It started developing such products since 1949 and until now it has a line of different products including online games, supporting movies and amusement parks that have themes.