Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Join Nickjr To Get Free Gifts For Bubble Guppies Fan

Bubble Guppies is a game under Nick Jr.  This is under the company named Viacom.  This company believes is connecting with people all around the world.  They do this by bringing entertainment to people through media such as television, pictures or digital media.  By bringing kids show to play, the company is ecstatic to see smiles on children’s faces as they enjoy the colors, movements as well as characters that appear on screen.  The company decided to go a step further and created an online portal for children to embark on their own journey with their favorite characters.  This can be done moreover, with monitoring from parents that make it safe for any kids.


  • The person has to enjoy playing games.
  • The person has to have a computer and internet access.
  • The person has to have an email account.
  • The person has to have an adult to register for any account.
  • The person has to know the characters they are dealing with.

How To Join?

  • Go to their website address at .
  • Once you reach the page, scroll a little lower and a banner that says free gifts for Bubble Guppies fans can be seen.
  • This banner explains that by joining the fan club, you can enjoy exclusive online game, fantastic coloring books and newsletter equipped with a lot of free stuff.
  • On the right hand side, parent’s email address is required together with parent’s date of birth.  Once this is keyed in, just click on join now.
  • There will be a request to join other fan clubs and you can do so if you are interested.
  • Next, check your email and see if the welcome letter has arrived.  You will notice that the first special gift you get is a discount on an item.  This varies from month to month.

Pros And Cons:

The Benefits That You Will Get:

  • Children will be able to enjoy special treatment from the fan club.
  • Parents are able to purchase items for their children without having to spend a bomb.
  • Parents are able to see their children happy as they get to indulge in their favorite character.

Some Negative Aspect You May Face:

  • This only can be accessed if you have an email, computer and internet.

The company has truly thought of every angle to make children around the world happy.  This, in turn, will allow parents to spend more time enjoying the special things their children do.